One final run for 2021

The goal was to get to 100 kilometres for the month and I had around 23 kilometres to run. One final push to get there, which would mean running the scheduled half-marathon distance for the month, and also running the longest distance I have ever run. First I needed to run five —

Today’s Goal:

I did not want to leave it until the last day to get to 100K for the month. The weather has not been kind, and occasional showers made it difficult to run yesterday. Today’s goal, therefore, was straightforward — run 23 kilometres. I also had yet to do the scheduled 21K for the month. I would hence be completing both the objectives for the month in one final push — run 100K for the month, and also run the half-marathon distance.

How did the run feel?

As I started I knew I would be taking this slow. It was cold outside and the initial warmup would take some time before I got into my stride. The first three kilometres were painfully slow and I was running uphill. But as the run progressed, I started getting into a nice little rhythm. As I passed the first five kilometres, I sort of had the hint that I would be able to run the 23 kilometres.

I have been finding it difficult to wake up early in the morning lately. Must be the cold winter morning’s that has contributed to this struggle. So I had started the run at 9:30 in the morning and was running until noon. There was more traffic than usual, and I felt as if all eyes were on me a weirdo running at an odd time during the day when everybody else was busy working. I do know that not all eyes would be on me, and I was only overthinking. However, I did today have to manage my social anxiety — which I thought I did incredibly well.

Overall Pace:

The overall pace was slow and steady. I started off slow, but over time as I got my rhythm the pace gradually got better.

Final words:

This is the longest I have ever run since I started running. This also marks the completion of 100K for December. I have pleased to have been able to do this. Since I started running again in August, I have been able to run 100K every month barring August — I ran 99 that month.

I have also been extremely pleased to have run three half-marathon distances in this time. Before this year, I thought half-marathon distances were run only in races and it is a big ask. However, going into the next year, I have sights on a marathon. I have a modicum of confidence that I will be able to run a marathon in 2022. I look forward to maintaining the consistency in the year to come.




Time to write…

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Time to write…

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